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A collection of stories about our people, our capabilities, our research, and the ever-changing face of our firm.


Celebrating 10 years of impact in education

– Our work in education was started ten years ago, by a few passionate advocates within the firm. Today we take on 100+ projects a year, from improving schools to preparing young adults for work.

Generation: Helping Hong Kong’s youth discover a different path to success

– In Hong Kong, the non-profit, Generation, is helping young people and employers tackle skill challenges.

What’s next for A conversation with new global managing partner Kevin Sneader

– An interview with Kevin Sneader, our new global managing partner

Cryptocurrencies, hospitals and cows: Announcing the winner of the 2018 Risk Prize

– Ann Marie Cloots wins this year’s Risk Prize for her essay on the risks surrounding cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Managing partner Dominic Barton honored by The Trevor Project

– The LGBTQ+ youth suicide prevention non-profit celebrates’s commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ young people and to creating an inclusive work culture.

Go Long: Stories from six CEOs on taking a long-term view

– Rodney Zemmel, managing partner of’s US Northeast offices, shares the inspiration behind the latest book he’s co-authored on long-term thinking.

HBR Award winners: Good management matters more than we realize

– This spring, we announced the winner of the HBR Award for the best Harvard Business Review article of 2017: “Why do we undervalue competent management?,” by professors Raffaella Sadun, Nicholas Bloom, and John Van Reenen.

Revving up analytics in Latin America with QuantumBlack

– QuantumBlack— our acquired London-based advanced analytics firm— will be charting a new course this month as we introduce their capabilities to our analytics work in Latin America.

Accelerating entrepreneurship: Our New Ventures Competition

– How can we turn terrific ideas into real solutions in a few months? Find out more about our New Ventures Competition, a start-up approach to innovation in the firm.

MineSpans: A story about data…and mining

– Everything you want to know about copper, gold, zinc—and more—can be found in one solution: MineSpans. Meet the people—a gemologist, biologist, mining and data experts—who create the analytics and insights that help mining execs make critical decisions.

Design dispatches: at Milan Design Week

– A delegation from Design attends the largest design fair in the world. Here’s what they saw.’s Organizational Agility Forum: Where stability meets change

– In our recent two-day workshop, we worked with executives to help them envision what enterprise agility looks like for their companies.

The new analytics translator: From big data to big ideas

– An expert in business. Fluent in analytics. Focused on results. Every analytics team needs a translator. Here’s what we are doing to prepare the next generation for this critical role.

Lasting change: Our implementation consultants help make it happen

– With the observation skills of an anthropologist, the intuition of a coach and deep industry expertise, our implementation consultants work side-by-side with our clients to transform their work.

A vision of beauty: How we helped Chile to create ten million acres of stunning national parklands

– A team of consultants provided pro bono support to Tompkins Conservation to help make the economic case for Chile’s new national parks.

Digital 20/20: Helping companies set the stage for their digital future

– Drawing on a decade’s worth of collected data across various organizations, we’ve launched our latest assessment of a company’s digital and analytics opportunity—Digital 20/20.

At Summit, 150 leaders seek a longer horizon

– At a recent Summit, 150 leaders focused on priorities for strengthening long-termism in business and investing—from shareholder communications to investment mandates.

Four trends from Mobile World Congress

– Fresh from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona—what four of our experts have to say about the latest trends across artificial intelligence, self-driving taxis, and more.

Meet our next global managing partner: Kevin Sneader

– A senior partner and’s regional chairman for Asia– Pacific, Kevin joined the firm in 1989 from Glasgow University and later gained an MBA from Harvard Business School. He lives in Hong Kong with his wife, Amy, and two daughters. We caught up with Kevin to find out more about what makes him tick. today—an interactive

– We have changed more in the past five years than at any other time in our 90-year history. We've innovated our client service with new capabilities - while staying true to our original vision: our clients come first.

A passion for diversity starts early, at home

– Vivian Hunt, Managing Partner, UK and Ireland, reflects on the role diversity plays in her life - and why it means so much in the world we all work in today.

Five athletes give five winning lessons

– With the Winter Games here, we caught up with some of our colleagues and former athletes to hear their stories and the life lessons they’ve brought with them to

Behind the scenes of top digital makeovers

– Tips from our experts on the ground for a successful digital reinvention.

Reflections from Davos 2018

– Dominic Barton shares lasting impressions from his ninth, and final, Davos as managing partner. Economic growth dominated the agenda—along with power politics, social innovation and talent as a CEO priority.

New book: What big data and behavioral psychology can teach us about business strategy

– Our new strategy book unites big data analysis with social intelligence–set to a selection of sharp, witty cartoons–for a memorable business read.

Build a reef? Save a species? It’s all part of our new digital recruiting

– With a new digital assessment, widens the scope and sharpens the focus of recruiting.

Our top 10 insights of 2017

– Automation, artificial intelligence, and exceptional leadership were topics among our top ten insights of the year. But one subject clearly dominated the list.

Three breakout solutions of 2017

– Three of our solutions experienced breakout growth in 2017 as organizations turned to analytics and technology for talent management, cybersecurity, and to improve patient care.

After 3 years of tackling youth unemployment, Generation has 15,000+ graduates—and counting

– It’s been three years since founded Generation, a nonprofit focused on addressing the global problem of youth unemployment.

¡Bienvenidos a Panamá! opens an office in Central America

– opens an office in Panama City, at the crossroads of the Americas and the Caribbean. The team will focus on banking, digital, engineering and infrastructure, and consumer goods and services work.

Welcoming Aberkyn, a firm of change facilitators, to

– The hardest part of organizational transformations can be the people side of the equation: changing cultures, behaviors and mind sets. Aberkyn, a firm of change experts, joins this week.

Take five—or fifty—minutes for the Quarterly’s new format

– Last month the Quarterly launched its latest evolution—the Five Fifty—a mobile-first digital briefing covering the business and management issues of the day.

Ten years on the consumer decision journey: Where are we today?

– Almost a decade after our initial research on what drives consumer decisions, our experts wanted to see what has changed in this time.

Place matters: Janesville: An American Story wins 2017 Business Book of the Year Award

– The importance of place as a determining factor for prosperity in today’s economy has never been clearer.

Boosting the systems that fight cancer: Meet our oncology experts

– A paradox of our time: we’re living longer, healthier lives, but cancer’s impact on them will only increase.

In 2018, GII brings the global infrastructure conversation to London

– London will be the next city to host the 2018 Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) Summit. It’s part of an ongoing effort to improve the way the industry delivers essential infrastructure and maximizes existing assets.

The research behind Women Matter: 10 years on

– Senior Partner Sandrine Devillard reflects on a decade of's research on gender equality.

Riding Wave 2 into the digital age

– Companies across industries use our Wave solution to manage transformations. A new version, Wave 2, designed from the ground up with client input, is intuitive, collaborative, and transparent—and available now.

Our busy UN Week

– This year, during UN General Assembly week, colleagues had the opportunity to share research and take part in conversations about innovation, gender parity and philanthropy.

This week, VLT Labs joins Digital Labs

– VLT Labs, a Malaysian team of digital and design experts, is joining our Digital Labs team in Kuala Lumpur, an addition that will help meet the growing demand for digital and design work within Southeast Asia.

Inside the making of our film on reinvention

– A behind-the-scenes look into how this film was made and what reinvention means to both our clients and to our firm.

“Digital Days” in Latin America

– The adoption of digital continues to be a bright spot in Latin America’s economy today, evidenced by our growing series of “Digital Day” events in the region.

How to protect your business from a cyberattack

– A series of high-profile attacks have elevated cyber security from a technology issue to a strategic imperative. Learn how’s Cyber Solutions team helps clients understand and navigate cyber risks. and A new approach to managing talent

– Traditional talent management focuses on the top executives. But as companies realize their most valuable jobs are often dispersed, talent management is taking more of an inside out perspective.

Five things you may not know about Digital

– A sample of some of the new and unexpected (for some) directions Digital is taking.

Combining design with data to reimagine ridesharing

– A joint team of colleagues from LUNAR and our Automotive & Assembly practice set out to create a ridesharing experience of the future. joins the Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society

– The non-profit Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society is dedicated to ensuring that artificial intelligence is developed in a safe, ethical, and transparent manner.

Inspiring leadership in young scientists

– Inspiring science leadership in the next generation

Three business books to start your summer

– This summer marks the release of three new books from authors, covering topics for leaders today across digital reinvention, timeless insights on organization, and doing business in China.

A Japanese partner working to feed the world

– New partner Yuito Yamada receives a Trilateral Commission fellowship and a request to help world leaders address food-security challenges.

Joining forces with United Way to tackle youth unemployment

– Generation, the youth employment program founded by Social Initiative is partnering with United Way, the world’s largest privately funded nonprofit, to help even more young people find jobs and build careers.

Our newest solution brings ‘City Voices’ into government decision making

– Ask a young mother about how she likes living in her city and she’ll talk about the quality of the schools, the parks, and the grocery stores.

Leadership development for all: Academy offers online demo of Business Strategy course

– Last month, Academy launched a free public trial of its Business Strategy online course—and in less than two weeks, more than 10,000 people signed up.

A new focus on productivity for the Center for Government

– This weekend, thousands of government officials, economic experts, and policy makers from all across the world gathered in Washington DC for the annual spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

A revolutionary tool for cutting emissions, ten years on

– This Earth Day, we’re marking ten years of our greenhouse-gas cost curve, a decision-making tool that changed how experts approach the carbon-emissions debate.

HBR Award winners: Why diversity programs fail, and what World War II can teach us about success

– We’re excited to announce the winner of the 58th annual Award for the best Harvard Business Review article of the year: “Why diversity programs fail,” by sociology professors Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev.

‘Factory of the future’ opens in Singapore

– Earlier this week, 90 guests, including media, industry, and tech experts, toured the new Digital Capabilities Center (DCC) in Singapore, for a glimpse of the future.

Johanne Lavoie: Carving a path to leadership in the Canadian Rockies

– Deep in the Canadian Rockies, in a ski lodge, about two dozen executives from a fast-growing logistics company debrief what happened less than an hour earlier in the sunlit glade outside.

Long term value: from intuition to index

– For the past 3 decades, leaders in business, government, and academia have debated whether the unrelenting focus on quarterly profits at the expense of long-term commitments has undermined the growth potential of companies and even the economy.

GoVolunteer platform matches volunteers with opportunities

– Last year we held our first Social Impact Awards, to recognize the many colleagues who are leaders of social impact at One of the winning entries was GoVolunteer, a nonprofit founded by Malte Bedürftig, a consultant based in our Berlin office.

Picking up signals at Mobile World Congress

– Mobile World Congress is one of the world’s largest technology shows, right up there with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Berlin’s IFA, and Taipei’s Computex, as a highlight of the tech calendar. research informs “Best States” project

– The World Economic Forum is a great place to make connections. As it happens, it was in Davos last year when senior partner Vivian Riefberg met the leaders of U.S. News & World Report, who were launching their Best Countries Ranking.’s chief learning officer: “A teacher first”

– A passion for learning runs through everything Nick van Dam does.’s chief learning officer (CLO) oversees leadership development and skill building for our 25,000 people around the globe.

Dispatches from Davos

– For us, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is an opportunity to hear what’s on the minds of others and meet with clients to understand their priorities and challenges in an increasingly complex world.

Analyze this, data scientists

– At this month’s AI Frontiers conference in Silicon Valley, our recruiting table was sandwiched between Facebook and Google. The artificial-intelligence (AI) aficionados who stopped for a chat were surprised to learn that Analytics comprises more than 800 data scientists, data engineers, and analytics practitioners.

Spring forward: Our new office in Medellín

– Medellín is one of the great urban turnaround stories. A city once synonymous with drug cartels and deadly violence has transformed itself into a thriving, innovative, and fast-growing metropolis. Beginning this month, it is also home to our second office in Colombia, after Bogotà.

Our top 10 articles of 2016

– In 2016 we published more than 400 articles and reports on And while we're not obsessed with clicks and eyeballs, it's always interesting to see what resonated most.’s migrant stories

– What percentage of consultants are migrants or the children of migrants? This question came up as the team behind our new report on global migration was putting the finishing touches on the analysis. Many of the consultants who work on the project team live outside the country of their birth.

Europe’s got [tech] talent

– The temperature hovered just above freezing in Helsinki last week, with not a trace of snow on the ground, for the presentation of the first Digital Top 50 Awards at the annual Slush technology conference. Supported by, Google, and Rocket Internet, the awards recognize Europe's top 50 digital start-ups, scale-ups, and companies using technology for social impact.

The Man Who Knew wins 2016 Business Book of the Year

– Eight years on, the legacy of the financial crisis continues to reverberate, in economics and politics. How did it happen? What lessons can we learn? The winner of this year’s Financial Times and Business Book of the Year award, Sebastian Mallaby’s The Man Who Knew, adds to the debate by examining the actions of Alan Greenspan, arguably the most influential person in modern finance.

Never underestimate the importance of good government

– Earlier this year former Danish finance minister Bjarne Corydon joined as a senior partner and director of the Center for Government. His recently published article, Transforming government through digitization, describes opportunities for governments globally to deliver better, more efficient, and more responsive public services.

New day for Veryday

– What’s the common thread connecting IKEA’s Home Smart furniture with wireless charging stations and Gillette’s smooth ProGlide razors? Both were researched and codesigned with the client by Veryday, an award-winning Swedish design agency—and our latest acquisition. As with the purchase last year of California-based LUNAR, the deal adds new talent to Design and enables us to help more clients grow more quickly by creating amazing new products and services.

Adventures in New Ventures for our returning entrepreneurs

– In 1988, Harvard Law School graduate Dayne Myers joined as a consultant. In 1991, he left to follow his passion as an entrepreneur and went on to run six technology companies, including a fantasy-sports business and a cybersecurity software firm that he cofounded. Then earlier this year, a quarter century after his last day at, Dayne rejoined the firm.

New faces at Design: A Q&A with Collin Cole

– Earlier this month, digital design veteran Collin Cole joined’s Experience Design team as Vice President.  In the 1990s, Collin founded frog design’s digital practice. He joins from Carbon12 Creative, an Austin, Texas, design firm where he was CEO. Collin’s former Carbon12 colleagues are also joining us, adding studios in Austin and Mumbai to our global design footprint.

Experience awaits at the Experience Studio

– There’s nothing like immersion to refresh old habits and reimagine new ways of thinking. That’s the spirit behind our Experience Studios, a network of creative spaces where our clients will come to have their assumptions tested and thinking stretched. The first studio opened recently in Toronto, with construction getting started in New York on a second, and further sites planned globally.

Meet the winners of MGI’s Opportunity for Europe prize

– The three winning essay writers explain their motivations for applying and their hopes for Europe.

Long-termism goes global

– Three years ago we joined with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) to create Focusing Capital on the Long Term, an initiative aimed at encouraging long-termism in business and investment decision-making. Last week the effort took a big step forward with the creation of FCLT Global, a new independent non-profit backed by a coalition of founding supporters (BlackRock, CPPIB, Dow Chemicals, Tata Sons, plus and member organizations from nine countries.

Pride in Lions

– Lions were on the move in Manhattan this week as we presented our latest research on Africa’s economic outlook to the U.S.-Africa Business Forum. Key findings from the Lions on the move II report were presented to an audience of heads of state, government leaders, and CEOs by Dominic Barton, our global managing director, and Acha Leke, a senior partner based in Johannesburg.

Skills for life: A rousing speech from Generation Kenya

– When one million of your peers are out of work, pessimism comes easily. But Simon Mwangi, a 23-year-old graduate of Generation Kenya, never stopped looking for opportunity. He enrolled in the education-to-employment program, graduated, and now works at a large insurance company.

A wealth of data on wealth management

– We’re delighted to announce the acquisition of PriceMetrix, a Toronto-based company which helps wealth management firms harness huge amounts of data improve client service, drive growth, and reduce risk.

Welcome to Serbia: Our newest office

– This summer we opened the first office in Serbia. The new Belgrade office is the ninth location in our Central and Eastern Europe region, alongside Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Kiev, Moscow, Prague, Warsaw, and Zagreb.

Battling polio in Nigeria

– In 2012, Nigeria was the worst performing polio endemic country in the world, before the government and its international partners used an innovative approach to drastically reduce the number of cases.

Indonesian returns home and takes on diabetes

– As a child growing up in Indonesia, Jessica Lembong loved American candy bars. Whenever she traveled abroad, stocking up Cookies n’ Crème candy bars was a favorite pastime. Encouraged by her parents to become a global citizen, she went on to study and work in the US for 15 years, obtaining a PhD in chemical engineering as well as indulging a weakness for sugary treats.

Blazing a trail from prize to publication

– The Financial Times/ Bracken Bower Prize, awarded for the best book proposal by an author under 35, has quickly established itself as a stepping stone—nay, springboard—to publication. With 2 months to go until the closing date for 2016 entries, we caught up with three of last year's finalists to check on their progress from proposal, to manuscript, to business book.

Using economic analysis to take on society’s biggest issues

– In the 25 years since its founding, the Global Institute (MGI) has published in-depth research on more than 20 countries, 30 industries, and core economic topics such as productivity and trade. More recently, our in-house think tank has started to address major societal issues too, including its latest research on income inequality.

Digital at The Next Generation

– The debut this week of the Digital brand is just the latest stage of a decades-long mission to help our clients create real value with digital technology.

New job, new life: Updates from Generation graduates around the world

– Young people are transforming their lives at Social Initiative’s Generation program.

Developing future leaders in Southeast Asia

– Our firm is sometimes described as “a leadership factory” because so many alumni go on to play leadership roles elsewhere. What’s less widely known is that in many countries we also help create next-generation leaders by supporting mentorship and development programs for young people.

Delivering the power of parity

– Women Deliver is described as the biggest international development conference on women’s and girls’ rights and health in a decade, it was a great opportunity to share and test our latest research about how a more gender-equal society can promote a more gender-equal economy.

How healthy is your company?

– When Korea’s Chamber of Commerce wanted to understand how Korean companies could raise their game, it turned to our Organizational Health Index (OHI). More than 40,000 employees at 100 Korean companies have completed the OHI survey, yielding insights into working patterns, leadership styles, employee mind-sets, and, importantly, differences between generations and genders.

Brain researcher takes on bias

– Julia Sperling applies the latest findings in neuroscience to our work with clients around the world.

Want to improve a product? Meet our teardown experts

– Tearing something down can sometimes be the most powerful way to build it up. For our design-to-value (DTV) experts, taking apart dishwashers, TVs, or wind turbines can yield important insights into how they are made—and lead to evidence-based recommendations for improvements.

Responding to the global refugee crisis

– More than 59 million people globally are classified by the United Nations as “forcibly displaced,” the highest number since the Second World War. The conflict in Syria alone has displaced at least 11 million people, around 4 million of whom have taken refuge outside the country.

Reverse innovation gets real: Announcing the Award winners

– We’re delighted to announce this year’s winners for best article in the Harvard Business Review.

Crowdsourcing solutions to Europe’s growth gap

– There is no shortage of ideas about how to fix Europe's slow-growth economy. But how can European governments implement reforms without losing popular support? To answer this question, the Global Institute (MGI) has launched a contest, Essay for Europe, which offers a €100,000 prize pool for innovative ideas to stimulate economic growth while also winning the hearts and minds of European electorates.

Towards a more efficient frontier for Africa

– As one of the leaders of our Public and Social Sector Practices in Africa, Acha Leke spends a lot of time applying for visas. From his home in South Africa, he travels widely across the continent, visiting not only the six other African countries in which we have offices but also an additional dozen or so in which we serve clients regularly.

Helping “Make in India”

– Last month’s “Make in India” summit was noisy, colorful, and uniquely Indian. More than 10,000 Indian and international companies converged on Mumbai for a week of exhibitions, seminars, and panel discussions. The goal: to draw global attention to the potential of India’s manufacturing sector.

Think big. Grow smart.

– When big corporations are plotting growth strategies, their ambitions are often limited to growth rates in, say, the high single digits. For up-and-coming technology companies, that's a recipe for irrelevance—or worse. Only a very small percentage of tech start-ups manage to grow fast enough for long enough to become industry heavyweights.

A new deal in risk—our latest acquisition

– It’s a time of great change in the sometimes arcane but always mission-critical world of risk management. Regulators globally are pushing financial institutions for more robust methodologies and models to manage the risks embedded in their balance sheets and operations.

Decoding Davos

– Why go to Davos? Because the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the mountains of Switzerland remains a unique opportunity to connect efficiently and effectively with an extraordinary number of clients and key decision-makers.

Modeling a new approach to patient care with analytics

– Patients undergo more than 600,000 knee replacements every year in the United States. But not all knees are created equal. A 35-year-old athlete may need a simpler, less costly surgery than an 82-year-old with severe arthritis. The hospitals that treat both patients often are paid by the number of services they deliver—not necessarily the outcome and quality.

Digging deep on the Transbay Tunnel

– The proposed Transbay Tunnel would be one of California’s largest infrastructure projects and could help maintain the growth trajectory of the $700bn regional economy.

Accelerating with QuantumBlack

– We’re delighted to announce the acquisition of QuantumBlack, a London-based company with roots in Formula 1 motor racing that is pioneering the use of big data and advanced analytics to improve organizational performance.

Happy birthday, Global Institute

– MGI has gathered and analyzed data, developed insights, and helped leaders make sense of the most complex issues. Our infographic highlights the six themes that have dominated our work.

Robots and risk at the Business Book of the Year awards

– Martin Ford’s Rise of the Robots, about the challenges presented by an increasingly automated future, has been named the 2015 Financial Times and Business Book of the Year.

Making waves in Deauville

– The executives and policy makers who descend each October on Deauville don’t come to paddle in la Manche, any more than delegates go to Davos in January for the skiing. The seaside town in northern France is home to the annual meeting of the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, which has grown in 10 years to become an important date on the European business calendar.

TechPrep: Finding and inspiring the technologists of the future with Facebook

– It’s no secret that the technology sector struggles with diversity. Engineers at tech’s biggest and brightest companies are predominantly white and male. This is not only an ethical issue but also a looming economic problem. leans in on gender equality

– Recently we’ve redoubled our efforts on gender equality, committing to initiatives such as UN Women’s HeForShe and Australia’s Male Champions of Change, as well as publishing major research reports including The power of parity (from the Global Institute) and Women in the workplace (in partnership with Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn.Org.)

Designers at—vive la différence!

– Our acquisition of product and industrial-design firm LUNAR captured attention. What’s less well known is that we have been quietly assembling an impressive corps of design talent.

One of Working Mother’s ten best employers

– In September, we received recognition for our efforts to achieve gender equality here at a Top 10 position in Working Mother’s ranking of the 100 best employers in the US. The ranking reflects the strength of the programs we’ve put in place to support working mothers, and the excellent qualities that strong women bring to

Our newest location: Vancouver

– Vancouver marks our 107th office worldwide. Other recent office openings include Almaty and Denver. Vancouver is the fourth office of ours to open in Canada and will serve British Columbia where a variety of industries are poised to grow.

Our surprise best seller

– Read the story behind Valuation.

Generation update: Connecting graduates with jobs on three continents

– As Social Initiative’s youth employment program expands, we catch up with two graduates from its first cohorts.

Food for thought

– The critical demand for food is creating opportunities for agricultural investment worldwide, and a keen appetite to improve productivity.

Made in Brazil: Smarter, leaner businesses

– Our new model factory is a training ground for lean manufacturing, improving productivity in Latin America.

Announcing the Organizational Science Initiative

– Backed by and Gallup, the initiative will create new approaches for using data to improve the performance of organizations.

Dominic Barton’s summer reading list

– Clients and colleagues have given me many great suggestions of books to read, podcasts to listen to, and summer events to go to—many more than I suspect I will be able to get through.

Giving companies a second chance

– Our turnaround experts bring specialist skills and operating experience to companies in distress.

From paper to pixels

– The Insights app continues our long publishing tradition.

Landing LUNAR

– The award-winning design firm adds a new dimension to our product development practice and growing capabilities in digital design.

No ordinary business book

– Global Institute directors pen a guide for a disrupted future.

Out and proud at

–'s GLBT affinity group celebrates two decades of growth, support, and progress.

Video games grow up

– The leader of our video games practice explains why gaming is for everyone.

Thirty thousand leaders

Forbes once described as a “CEO launch pad.” At the last count, about 450 former consultants were running billion-dollar-plus organizations around the world. Moreover, a quick look at the headlines underlines that the leadership qualities we look for and nurture in our consultants are equally valuable in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

Innovation immersion in Silicon Valley

– If you want to understand how technology is driving innovation and reshaping industries, there’s one place you have to visit: Silicon Valley. The 40-mile stretch of office parks and sun-drenched suburbia boasts the world’s densest concentration of technology giants, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs.

A report from the Long-Term Value Summit

– As part of our initiative to help shift capital markets to a more long-term focus, earlier this month we helped pull together a one-day summit in New York. The event drew 120 chairmen and chief executives, chief investment officers, and government leaders.

A new CEO for Social Initiative

– Social Initiative (MSI) announced that Helene D. Gayle will be its founding CEO. Helene is currently finishing her nearly decade-long tenure as president and CEO of CARE USA and will join MSI in July.

Stock buybacks under scrutiny: The Award winner asks tough questions

– Corporate profits are at record levels, the stock market is booming, and American workers are at their most productive—but who is enjoying prosperity and why? That’s the provocative question William Lazonick considers in “Profits Without Prosperity,” winner of the 56th annual Award for the most influential article in the Harvard Business Review.

Celebrating 20 years in South Africa

– Johannesburg celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2015 with a series of events that bring CEOs and government leaders together with our global leadership.

A sea change in how we use plastics

– Many environmental issues are so big that no single institution can tackle them. Take the leakage of plastics into the world’s oceans. By 2025, a staggering 250 million metric tons of plastic are projected to be in the ocean unless action is taken.

Who do you call in a crisis? Meet our experts

– David Chia is not excitable. “I have a deadpan delivery—which does not work so well in video or presentations,” he admits. “And I’ll never be the cheerleader type.” But he is the man you want in a crisis.

Change how you learn, change how you work

– is widely known for the quality of its training and professional development—it’s part of what motivates accomplished individuals to join our firm. But what if training could be shared more widely? partners re-elect Dominic Barton as managing director

– & Company is a professional services firm, owned and governed by partners spread across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s not a conventional organization. Every three years, the firm’s senior partners elect a managing director from among their ranks to serve as ‘first among equals.’ The results of the latest election: Dominic Barton will serve a third term.

The many faces of diversity

– Our ground-breaking Diversity Matters report shows a significant link between corporate performance and the gender and ethnic diversity of company leadership.

Doctors at

– More than 150 medical doctors work in our teams around the world, and the number of medical professionals is even higher if you count nurses, researchers, and other trained medical personnel. So why join For most of our doctors, it's a combination of the desire to help at scale and an interest in institutional change.

A sabbatical to shape the climate debate

– Encouraging people to follow their passions is one of the things that makes special. Jeremy Oppenheim, a director in our London office, spent 2014 on sabbatical, serving as program director for the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

Have factory, will travel

– We have model factories in 11 cities around the globe. These learning environments help us help our clients build skills through hands-on experience. Now, it doesn't matter where your company is located—with 3-D game technology, our model factories can come to you.

Digital Labs wins tech challenge with 'people' design

– Most people know has analysts. Strategists. Experts of all kinds. But did you know we also have hackers?

A clock and a key

– Real estate projects are measured in months and years, not minutes and seconds. But for Sangeeth Ram, the ticking clock is a reminder of the urgent need to provide affordable housing at scale in every region in the world.

A win for women in the Muslim world

– We recently partnered with the Financial Times to support two book awards: the Business Book of the Year award and the Bracken Bower Prize for business authors under the age of 35.