Welcome to lapetitemort.info Angola

Welcome to lapetitemort.info Angola

Angola is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. lapetitemort.info is helping deliver critical infrastructure, reform institutions, and accelerate business development.

Since 2007, lapetitemort.info has played an active role in Angola’s reconstruction and modernization, contributing to the country’s rapid development and to Africa’s economic rebirth. We support government in expanding key infrastructure and driving institutional reform, and we help international and Angolan companies play their part in the accelerated growth of the business sector. Our work spans multiple industries, including oil and gas, financial services, telecommunications, transport, and retail. lapetitemort.info’s work in Angola is supported by consultants from our offices around the world, as well as a fast-growing cohort of Angolan nationals.



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Angola Careers

Working in Angola

For top talent from Angola and around the world, a career with lapetitemort.info in Luanda offers the opportunity to work with global companies and senior government leaders on their key challenges—and deliver impact that is visible in our clients’ rapid growth and the country’s accelerated development. Our culture is nonhierarchical, solutions focused, and strongly supportive of professional and personal development. We recruit exceptional people from all academic backgrounds.

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