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How well are digital tools serving your maintenance organization?

– Digital maintenance tools show great promise—so long as employees can actually use them.

Ops 4.0: The Human Factor—Building Ops 4.0 capabilities

– Capability building is becoming the rate-limiting factor for Ops 4.0 transformations. That’s why companies need to make... it their own.

Find cost opportunities with today’s should-cost analysis

– Should-cost analysis is becoming a must-have technique for best-in-class procurement organizations.

New technology means new value from contact centers

– The rumor: Advanced chatbots and virtual agents will make contact centers irrelevant.

Ops 4.0: The Human Factor—Planning for tomorrow’s roles

– Ops 4.0 promises to accelerate a shift that’s already well under way in the mix of skills that organizations need.

Fifty percent of the world’s talent

– It’s clear there is so much more we can be doing to get closer to a 50/50 balance between men and women in Operations careers... globally.

Ops 4.0: The Human Factor—Defining the needs

– Ops 4.0 is generating huge demand for capabilities. Which ones will be the hardest to meet?

The zero-based path to performance transformation

Many people think of zero-based budgeting (ZBB) as primarily a cost-cutting approach. 

How deep learning could supercharge preventive maintenance—and many other operational-improvement levers, too

Preventive maintenance has long been an important tool—not only for manufacturers, but also for companies across a... wide range of sectors that use sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT)

Ops 4.0: The solution to the productivity puzzle?

– The current economic recovery is job-rich, but productivity-weak. While employment is high, labor productivity growth is near... historic lows in the United States and much of Western Europe.

Industrial revolution or evolution?

– My whole life, I have been preoccupied with how to make things. My father innovated steel products in Germany, and when I studied... engineering, I chose to learn about factory production.

Ops 4.0: The Human Factor—Recognizing the capability challenge

– The Ops 4.0 revolution is well under way. Big data, advanced analytics, additive manufacturing, the Internet of Things, robotics,... artificial intelligence: Collectively, these technologies promise to transform business operations, raising quality, unleashing new levels of flexibility and boosting productivity by up to 20 percent.

The next frontier for line management – energizing women in Operations

– Facts and figures abound making the direct link between a more equitable gender balance in executive committees/ boards and bottom... line (and top-line) performance.

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