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Looking behind the numbers for US stock indexes

Record-high equity markets are prompting worries that stocks are overpriced. But a closer look finds that the market’s current value may not seem so extreme.
Looking behind the numbers for US stock indexes

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– Perspectives on Corporate Finance and Strategy
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Strategy in a digital age

How to develop corporate and business-unit strategies in a digitally disrupted world.
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The CEO guide to boards

– Greater responsibilities require increased commitments of time and energy.

Bots, algorithms, and the future of the finance function

– Automation and artificial intelligence are poised to reshape the finance function. Knowing what to automate and managing... the disruption can lead to a new era of productivity and performance.

How to know when better profit margins aren’t better for your company

– At some point, cost cutting and higher prices can hinder growth and destroy value. 

Managing M&A in chemicals: Meeting the new challenges

– The chemical industry is seeing a record level of M&A, higher multiples, and growing activist-investor activity. Chemical... companies must strengthen their M&A and integration capabilities to ensure they create value in this environment.

How pharma can accelerate business impact from advanced analytics

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Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick

– The new book on how to beat the odds with a bold strategy

Delivering growth: M&A in medical technology

– Medical-technology companies continue to rely on M&A for growth. How solid is your approach?

What you need to know about working for a Chinese company

– Foreign executives working for Chinese bosses at Chinese businesses sometimes encounter challenges they don’t anticipate.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, December 2017: lapetitemort.info Global Survey results

– Respondents’ economic optimism and confidence in their companies’ prospects reach a year-long high, though overinflated... asset prices are a growing concern.

How to identify the right ‘spans of control’ for your organization

– Understanding five managerial archetypes can help.

What executives think about the economy: 2004 to now

– This continually updated interactive tracks how executives around the world have viewed economic conditions and the economic prospects... of their companies, and how those views have differed over time and across industries, regions, and types of company.

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