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We feel at home, because we are at home.

About Our Network Black Consultants

Building a powerful sense of community is committed to creating and maintaining an environment where everyone’s background, perspective, and skills are supported. Our commitment to black consultants stretches back decades: the first black consultants joined in 1968, our Black Network is 25 years old and growing, and we have been in Africa continuously for more than 15 years–our seven offices include Johannesburg, Lagos, Casablanca, Cairo, Luanda, Nairobi, and Addis Ababa.

About Our Network

Attracting top talent to

We have created initiatives to make more accessible for black talent. For example, we launched the Sophomore Diversity Leaders Internship program (SDLI) for minority college students at US colleges and universities. The Leaders Program at the Johannesburg office is designed to create an early pipeline of black South African leaders. We sponsor diversity events and conferences at schools and universities globally. We also host a 2-day conference for black consultants featuring tenure-based leadership development and training—and the all-important opportunity to connect one-on-one with leaders.

Staying connected with our people and our alumni

Outside of specific training and development,’s Black Network creates opportunities for colleagues, clients, and alumni to network and build connections through regular events, dinners and other activities on a local-office level. This focus is part of our commitment to build a special and personal environment for all the people within

Our global network extends beyond current consultants to include hundreds of black alumni who now play significant roles in many organizations, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, Credit Suisse Group, and Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America-College Retirement Equities Fund. Of our black alumni, 10 percent hold CEO-level positions and more than 15 percent have founded, or are actively running companies they founded.