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At the end of the day, we all want to know who’ll we work with and what makes someone successful at Meet some of our people here.
Ingemar inline
Since he got a programming study book, per accident, for Christmas Ingemar is hooked on software. Read more.

Iron discipline

– Carla combines her tough training schedule with being an engagement manager in Sao Paolo. Read more.

Dreaming of small numbers

Oliver, an associate in our Munich office, dreamt to generate insights from data as a child and puts them in to practice now....

Second chances

– Zoltan moved back to Budapest after studying in Switzerland. Being an entrepreneurial spirit, consultancy was a good match.

First brushes with the flexibility of

– Divya, a director of digital delivery in India, learned how fit her during big changes in her life.

Authenticity, vulnerability, and flexibility

– Rachael tells about and Inspire.

Building Panama

– Julio describes the support he’s received while opening this office.

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Going home

– Dennis returns to Kenya to work on exciting projects helping to develop his country.

Saying we instead of you

As an experienced hire Nicolas changed from ‘marketing’ client-side to consultancy. Now he uses his former experiences... for his clients. Read how.

Breakfast all day every day

– Have breakfast with Katerina, an engagement manager in Prague.

When values match

– Anna was attracted to Implementation because she wanted to work at a firm she believed in. Read more on how matches her values.
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