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The Center for Future Mobility brings together cross-functional expertise to deliver leading-edge insight to help shape the future of mobility-related industries and the public sector. We are passionate and curious about the emerging opportunities in mobility.

Our People

Rajat Dhawan

Senior Partner, Asia Leader, Gurugram
Helps advanced industries clients in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, and defence sectors in the Asia-Pacific region tackle strategic...

Asutosh Padhi

Senior Partner, Global Practice Co-Convener, Chicago
Coleads our work in Advanced Industries on a global basis, leads our Advanced Industries in Americas, and heads up our work in the Automotive...

Andreas Tschiesner

Senior Partner, Munich
Advises companies on strategic questions and challenges related to technology and innovation, with a key focus on large-scale performance transformations,...

Featured Insight


The potential impact of electric vehicles on global energy systems

– Electric vehicles are unlikely to create a power-demand crisis but could reshape the load curve. Here’s how to bend that curve to your advantage.

Route 2030: The fast track to the future of the commercial vehicle industry

– The truck industry is entering a new era: while revenue and profits are still mainly generated in the diesel world, new technologies are increasingly impacting OEMs’ product and investment strategies. The report details the truck industry’s revenue and profit pools until 2030 and assesses areas of action for OEMs to lead in the future.

Ready for inspection: The automotive aftermarket in 2030

– Electric vehicles, connected cars, and e-commerce, among other trends, may lead to redistribution of 30 to 40 percent of aftermarket profits along the value chain and change the industry landscape in the next 10 to 20 years. What are you doing to prepare?

Accelerating the car data monetization journey

– Capturing value from vehicle data will require players in the automotive ecosystem to approach the issue strategically and to overcome the three main challenges that 60-plus executives identified in our proprietary survey and industry roundtables.

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