Market Perspectives & Regulatory Management
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Market Perspectives & Regulatory Management

We help energy companies understand market developments, engage constructively in regulatory debates, and strengthen their capabilities for managing external stakeholders.

Energy markets face major uncertainties. Will growth in renewables hit technical limits? What role will shale gas, nuclear power, and coal play in meeting future energy needs? How will spiraling consumer demand in China and India affect global fuel and materials supply?

To assess the value at stake, energy players need to understand current and emerging regulatory frameworks and translate broad trends into specific implications for local markets.

What we do

We help private companies and public-sector bodies make better-informed strategic decisions through a deeper understanding of the evolution of power markets, technological developments, and global, national, and local energy landscapes.

Supported by experts in technology development, fuel markets, and clean tech, our teams work closely with clients to develop and interpret scenarios, benchmark performance against industry peers, and strengthen internal capabilities for managing market uncertainty.

  • Developing market perspectives. We bring deep expertise in simulating the evolution of power markets and assessing the implications for long-term portfolio planning, asset valuation, and investment. We help generators, energy companies, end users, investors, and regulators to understand shifts in the fuel mix and wholesale market structures and capture opportunities while mitigating risks.
  • Engaging regulators and stakeholders. We help clients anticipate and respond to regulatory changes resulting from coal retirements and other forms of industry restructuring, as well as technological and policy developments in renewables, transmission, smart grid, and tariffs. Our approach includes a fact-based assessment of the value at stake coupled with a systematic plan for managing key stakeholders.
  • Mobilizing the organization. Implementing regulatory and external-affairs strategies requires top management commitment, cross-functional engagement, and organizational drive. We help clients allocate resources, recruit the right talent, and establish processes to secure stakeholder support for strategic priorities.

Examples of our work

Examples of our work
We have extensive experience in serving regulated utilities, merchant generators, and governments worldwide. Our recent projects include:

Preparing for Market Liberalization

Advising a major European utility on the possible economic impact of impending market liberalization and helping it develop a stakeholder-negotiation strategy and a new regulatory organization that resulted in a successful transition and a net-present-value contribution of €7 billion over 5 years

Restructuring a Merchant-Generation Asset Portfolio

Helping a US utility restructure its merchant-generation asset portfolio, including a detailed evaluation of local markets and asset retirement assessment under multiple market scenarios

Government Power-Plant Asset Evaluation

Supporting a government with an objective evaluation of power-plant assets based on a customized market model, resulting in a well-informed and successful privatization process

Regulatory Organization Turnaround

Helping a utility turn around its regulatory organization by developing a roadmap for external engagement and running tailored capability-building workshops to boost the organization's effectiveness

Featured capabilities

We use our own purpose-built tools to establish a comprehensive and objective view of a client’s context and challenges:

  • State-of-the-art power models. State-of-the-art power models help produce a granular assessment of supply and demand trends and evolving market structures, and are complemented by our Global Energy Market Perspectives suite of models.
  • Value at stake decomposition and stakeholder analysis and mapping tools. Value at stake decomposition and stakeholder analysis and mapping tools help to identify priorities for the regulatory agenda, structure the negotiation strategy, and expose trade-offs and deal breakers.
  • Regulatory and external-affairs capabilities diagnostic. The regulatory and external-affairs capabilities diagnostic provides cross-industry, web-based benchmarking to help clients assess and monitor their capabilities for managing external affairs and engaging with stakeholders on regulatory issues.

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