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Center for US Health System Reform

Our source on the economics of health, implications of the Affordable Care Act and other health policies related to reform, the Center undertakes original research and develops tools to help navigate in a post-reform era.

Who we are

The Center for US Health System Reform is’s in-house source on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other health policies related to reform. The Center was launched in 2010 to advance knowledge and insights critical to reform-related strategy, organization, and operations. Since then, we have evolved the Center to share our expertise beyond the ACA and to track other transformative health policy changes coming down the pipeline. By continuing to deepen our expertise in new policies, we will be able to help our clients continue to thrive in an inherently regulated market. Our goal is to help our public, private, and social sector clients address the implications of reform-related marketplace activity, while also providing the broader public with access to our latest research and findings.

What we do

At the Center, brings together the depth of its real-world management expertise, proprietary knowledge, and rigorous primary research and economic analysis to understand the implications of reform-related marketplace activity unfolding. Insights power high-impact client activities, and inform reports that are shared with the public.

Our research focuses on the impact of reform across key health system stakeholders including commercial health insurers, healthcare providers, exchanges, consumers, distributors, employers, Medicaid and Medicare organizations, retail pharmacies, pharmacy benefit manufacturers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. It also includes such topics as cost of care, big data, exchange dynamics, network design, and innovative health care delivery models. While much of our early research was predictive, the Center now focuses on tracking empirical data and marrying it up with primary research in order to achieve a distinct level of understanding about market shifts.

The work is driven by world-class experts in collaboration with's global network of consultants. In keeping with principles, the Center does not engage in policymaking or advocacy. Research is independently funded by the partners of and is not commissioned by any business, government, or other institution.

Featured experts

Erica Coe

Partner, Atlanta

Dr. David G. Knott

Senior Partner, New York


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