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Delivering bold performance in an ever-changing healthcare landscape

– The odds are stacked against healthcare organizations as they pursue sustained growth and differentiated performance. Six strategies can help them achieve successful transformations at scale.


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Our source on the economics of health, implications of the Affordable Care Act and other health policies related to reform, the Center undertakes original research and develops tools to help navigate in a post-reform era.

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The granularity of Medicaid MCO growth

– Despite present uncertainties, MCO leaders can still aspire to grow—and make decisions to support that aspiration. Our research... shows that the key sources of growth for Medicaid MCOs are strategic, not operational.

Enabling healthcare consumerism

– Companies that can learn to understand, guide, and engage healthcare consumers, while inspiring their loyalty, have a significant... opportunity to change the healthcare landscape.

Hospital networks: Perspective from four years of the individual market exchanges

– An analysis of the individual market health plans being offered across the U.S. reveals that the trends toward narrowed hospital... networks and managed care continue.

Looking ahead in Medicaid: Options for states and the implications for payors and providers

– This paper explores opportunities states could consider to improve their Medicaid programs, both to control spending and improve... the program’s performance.

Potential impact of individual market reforms

– A wide range of changes to stabilize the individual market have been proposed. This special report examines the impact some of... the initiatives could have on claims costs and enrollment by the uninsured.

The growth opportunity for private health-insurance companies

– The global market for private health insurance is being disrupted—but also growing rapidly. Understanding the forces at work can... help payors capture the opportunity.

How to tame rising US healthcare costs

– Improving the sector’s productivity and market functioning could potentially lower healthcare-cost inflation to the rate of GDP... growth.

Navigating the uncertainty of potential ACA ‘repeal and replace’: A preliminary analysis

– The findings in this Intelligence Brief provide an introductory perspective on how the next US administration and Congressional... Republicans may approach altering the ACA and related legislation. The information is based on publicly reported information released through December 8, 2016. Our Reform Center team is continuing to refresh this perspective on a real-time basis and is closely analyzing potential implications and economic impacts for each policy element under a full range of scenarios.

2017 exchange market: Carrier participation trends

– Analysis of exchange carrier participation nationwide indicates that the overall number of carriers has dropped below 2014 levels.... However, a majority of markets will continue to have more than one carrier participating.

2017 exchange market: Plan type trends

– Analysis of exchange plans indicates that a majority of carriers are continuing to shift toward managed offerings, and consumers... will see less unmanaged plan designs available to them than in previous years.

2017 exchange market: Pricing trends

– Analysis of exchange premiums indicates that overall prices will continue to increase in 2017. Despite this, some consumers will... see their premiums decline given the effect of government subsidies.

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