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Marketing & Sales

We help telecom operators transform themselves into market-oriented, high-performing companies.

We address the full range of strategic and operational marketing and sales issues within the telecom sector. Our work with clients and our expertise in both mature and emerging markets provides clients with exceptional resources and insight about marketing and sales. We provide clients with services such as:

  • next-generation customer lifecycle management (CLM) campaigns for both prepaid and postpaid markets
  • an integrated customer experience (ICE) approach for consumer and SMB segments
  • branding strategies
  • marketing return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • sophisticated pricing and value-proposition programs
  • sales and channel-management strategies including micro markets

In addition, our work in the consumer space gives us insight on new media marketing innovations to target the digital consumer.

People's Telecom Marketing and Sales group includes 120 partners and associate principals around the globe. They bring strong perspectives derived from work in all telecom industry subsectors, customer segments, and geographies.

Featured capabilities

Recent research initiated by our marketing and sales specialists helps clients sort out the causes and potential cures for some of telecoms' most challenging sales problems:

  • Marketing Mix Optimizer and Promotion ROI analytics are some of the assets profiled in "Improving Return on Marketing Investment (Marketing ROI)," which describes how to optimize returns on marketing by focusing on a broadly defined set of marketing spending levers and on how to apply detailed analytics to monitor and track program effectiveness.
  • Go-to-Market in Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) offers essential insights for telcos to best to reach small and medium businesses, which we estimate will constitute almost 60 percent of total spending on IT.
  • Sales Growth reveals how leveraging predictive analytics as well as tech-enabled sales approaches can help telcos identify and reach underserved markets or segments accurately and quickly.

For more details about our expertise in this area, please visit the Marketing & Sales Practice section.

Featured expert

Nimal Manuel

Senior Partner, Kuala Lumpur

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