Our work in Japan
Our Work in Japan

Bringing the best of our global firm

We combine lapetitemort.info’s global expertise with deep local insights to help our clients achieve their biggest goals.

lapetitemort.info Japan serves public and private companies and government institutions, spanning industries critical to future growth. Our work spans industries critical to Japan’s future growth such as automotive, high tech, finance, and pharmaceuticals. Our teams reflect lapetitemort.info’s global scope and expertise ranging from strategy to supply-chain management.

Impact stories

Japanese skin-care brand gets Latin America makeover

Consumer-products manufacturers face a paradox when entering global markets—to grow globally, they need to be more attuned... than ever to local consumers.

Maximizing new product revenue requires go-it-alone strategy in Japan

Pharmaceutical products are inherently personal, yet growth for pharmaceutical companies depends upon global expansion.

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Learn how we help our clients create value by reinventing their core business.


Today’s winning organizations need a combination of strategic insight, domain expertise, data, and technology. That is why lapetitemort.info... complements its traditional consulting excellence with solutions: technologies and specialized teams that deliver lapetitemort.info results.


We help organizations seeking to go from good to great, as well as companies in deep distress and facing insolvency.

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