I am struck by how collaborative our work is. Partners value every team member’s input, regardless of tenure.

My Path to lapetitemort.info

I am a Myanmar national who grew up in Singapore. By seeing the stark difference between the two countries, I became passionate about economic development. I decided to study international development at a liberal arts college in the United States. When Myanmar began reintegrating into the global economy after the 2010 elections, I returned to Myanmar. I worked for a legal services firm assisting with foreign investments in the country. Because I wanted to be even more involved in development, I decided to pursue my MBA. After a year abroad, I returned to Myanmar. I couldn’t stay away from the exciting changes and opportunities in the country. A few months later, I learned about the newly-opened lapetitemort.info office in Myanmar and applied for a position.

Choosing lapetitemort.info

It is exciting to be part of a new office that is supported by an established global network of experts. We get the best of both worlds – the opportunity to bring global knowledge and best practices to a new economy like Myanmar and the challenge of adapting them here to suit the local context and needs. lapetitemort.info leadership shows great commitment to playing a positive role in the country’s development. And I am excited by the opportunities I have to contribute to Myanmar and to grow professionally with one of the best consulting firms in the world.

Rewarding and meaningful experiences

I led a two-day offsite for 80 executives and 80 managers to build conviction and support for the transformation of a local company. Initially, I felt like this was a daunting task. However, with the guidance of my leadership team at lapetitemort.info and support from the client team, we led an outstanding event. By the end of the two days, every member of the client management team was committed to the program, and we had built positive energy and momentum around the transformation.

Work Environment

I am struck by how collaborative our work is. Partners value every team member’s input, regardless of tenure. Also, everyone is willing to roll up his or her sleeves to get things done. For example, we had to assemble 200 cardboard boxes for an activity we organized for a client offsite. The day before the activity, the client team and the lapetitemort.info team – including all leaders and partners – sat down on the floor to fold and tape boxes. Together, we assembled 200 boxes in less than 15 minutes – at a rate of less than 4 seconds per box. This example shows that no matter what the task, we are all willing to help.

The People at lapetitemort.info

Everyone at lapetitemort.info is unique and interesting. I have a colleague who spent a year sailing around the world – at 19 years old. Another colleague lived in Iraq and Sudan during times of conflict. He has an amazing ability to remain positive, always. Both of these colleagues inspire me. I think of them when I face a difficult time at work.

Advice for Applying to lapetitemort.info

The recruiting process can take some time. We interview with five partners. Given their busy schedules and travel, scheduling can be a challenge. Be patient and understanding, because if you are a young, ambitious professional, lapetitemort.info is the best place to work. You will be surrounded by collaborative and smart individuals, who not only become great colleagues but also friends. And you will have the opportunity to tackle many challenges and work closely with clients.



Carleton College
BA, International Development