Mobile World Congress 2018

Join us in Barcelona, from 26 February to 1 March

A time for bold decisions: The convergence of market pressures and new technologies creates an opportunity for telecom companies to redefine themselves.

Growing competition from global tech giants, shifting sources of competitive advantage, and falling returns on invested capital increase the pressure on telecom operators. At the same time, machine learning, digitization, and artificial intelligence offer the ability to dramatically alter the operator cost structure, redefine the customer experience, and transform what it means to be a mobile operator.

Featured Insights

The path to reinvention

Growing mobile-data usage coupled with financial and competitive pressures requires mobile operators to embrace transformation.

The opportunity for mobile operators senior partner Eric Kutcher discusses what it will take to build the operator of the future.

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Maximizing value from advanced analytics in telco service operations

– By developing and pursuing high-potential use cases, telcos can unlock hidden value and ignite an analytics-driven transformation.

Accelerating the shift to a next-generation operating model

– Digital-native companies have captured value by mastering the use of next-generation operating models. Now established companies... must race to catch up.

Reducing churn in telecom through advanced analytics

– A comprehensive, analytics-driven approach to base management can help telecom companies reduce churn by as much as 15%.

Hello, mobile operators? This is your age of disruption calling

– Difficult times for operators call for questioning old orthodoxies to win.

How to create an agile organization

– Transforming companies to achieve organizational agility is in its early days but already yielding positive returns. While the... paths can vary, survey findings suggest how to start.

What shoppers really want from personalized marketing

– What customers want and what businesses think they want are often two different things. Here’s what customers are looking... for.

Regaining mobile’s grip on network connectivity

– While mobile operators struggle to tap into adjacent pools of value, they could be overlooking real threats to their core business.

Where to find us at Mobile World Congress 2018

Monday, 26 February – Thursday, 1 March

Our stand is located at 4C40 in Hall 4.

Join us at the stand where our global experts will be on hand to discuss the next frontier for telecom operators.

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