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The power of parity: Advancing gender equality in the Dutch labor market

– Bridging the gender gap in the Dutch labor market brings significant opportunities both for individuals and the wider economy.

Shaping the future of work in Europe’s 9 digital front-runner countries

– Our research shows significant value in embracing AI and automation for the Northern European countries, but sees a requirement... for new skill sets among employees and a policy response around education, training, and the social contract.

Energy transition: Mission (im)possible for industry?

– Dutch industrial companies have a key role to play in repositioning the Netherlands to thrive in a low-carbon future. Despite... technological challenges and the pressure of global competition, it is possible for them to lower their greenhouse-gas emissions in line with European goals.

Scaling the impact of the social enterprise sector

– The number of social enterprises in The Netherlands has grown by more than 2,000 in the past five years. But very few aim for... the type of scale that would actually solve the societal issue they address. What is holding them back?

Accelerating the energy transition: cost or opportunity?

– Transforming the Netherlands' energy system could provide a boost to the economy while lowering greenhouse-gas emissions in line... with European goals.

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Five Fifty: Industrial tech

– What will happen when industrial companies fully apply digital, analytics, and IoT technologies to their businesses? An upsurge... in innovation—and value.

How to modernize an established brand to drive growth

– The key to Wendy’s successful transformation? Staying true to the brand while using data to better serve customers.

How to stay resilient during an economic downturn

The legendary ball-drop in Times Square at the end of 2018 marked a decade since we’d experienced one of the worst recessions... in modern memory. A few blocks away, nervous Wall Street-types wondered if it also marked the end of a long cycle of expansion. They were joined by a range of individual and institutional economic forecasters who are still arguing over whether we’ll see the start of another recession in 2019. Or in 2020. Or in 2021.

The feeling’s a bit different on Main Street: Many C-suite executives are already anticipating recession in the next few years and quietly gearing up for it. They see the flashing yellow lights: Ballooning corporate debt. Government yields that are dramatically lower than the previous long-run average. Negative returns on the Standard and Poor’s 500. Lower GDP growth in China relative to what it was before 2010.

The question for these executives, then, isn’t whether to prepare, it’s how to prepare.


Industrial robotics: Opportunities for manufacturers of end effectors

– With strong growth in industrial robotics, manufacturers of end effectors and other components could see big gains.

Mind-sets matter in transformations: A conversation with Jon Garcia

– How can companies overcome the daunting odds against an organizational transformation succeeding?

Personal resilience in transformations: A conversation with Jon Garcia

– As executives strive to enhance their companies’ well-being, they must be mindful of their own health.

Self-disruption in the fashion industry

– To keep up with digital advancements and with consumers’ preference for novelty, brands must be willing to adapt.

Shaping individual development along the S-curve

– An S-curve that shows growth mapped against time is a useful framework for enabling L&D to intervene at the right time, with... the right support.

Why transformations fail: A conversation with Seth Goldstrom

– Transformations can fail for a variety of reasons, but most unsuccessful efforts share some of these ten weaknesses.

Winning in Africa’s agricultural market

– Private-sector companies can find practical solutions to enter and grow in Africa’s agricultural market.
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Building data-driven culture: An interview with ShopRunner CEO Sam Yagan

– Sam Yagan, current ShopRunner CEO, cofounder of OkCupid, and former Match Group CEO, discusses the importance of culture for driving... data-based decision making, innovation, and, ultimately, company success.
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