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Eric Hazan

Senior Partner, Paris
Coleads the Marketing & Sales Practice in Western Europe and brings extensive knowledge of strategic marketing, as well as digital transformations and their impact on organizations

About Eric

Eric is a managing partner and coleads our Marketing & Sales Practice in Western Europe. He also works within the High Tech, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications Practices, as well as in the Retail Practice with a focus on marketing and strategy. Eric is a member of the Global Institute Council, which advises on MGI’s business, economic, and technology research.

Focusing on strategic and operational issues, with specific expertise in digital transformation, Eric counsels top management across several European countries. He also dedicates a significant amount of time to capital and investment funds and to governments on digital issues.

Eric has contributed to numerous research programs, including a recent study led by’s French office regarding the digital transformation of French companies. He coauthored another report about the impact of the Internet on economies, which led to the publication of the Internet Matters report for the eG8 global summit of 2011 and the Innovation Matters report for the G8 Innovation Conference in London in 2013. He co-leads major research initiatives on digital media and consumer trends worldwide. Over the past ten years, Eric has also advised several governments and public leaders on topics related to digital, innovation, and industry policies.

Prior to joining, Eric was a senior partner at Arthur D. Little, where he led the global TIME (telecoms, Internet, media, and entertainment) practice and the consumer practice. He started his career in marketing and sales in consumer goods at Kraft Jacobs Suchard and at Danone.

Eric holds a master of science degree in management from HEC Paris, where he is a professor of business strategy.

Published work

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Past experience

Arthur D. Little

Kraft Jacobs Suchard
Sales and marketing

Senior product manager


HEC Paris
MBA, marketing, strategic policy