About Hugo

With a background in robotics and software engineering, Hugo is passionate about technology and design. He works with technology providers, private-equity investors, and CIOs and CTOs of established companies to design and deliver groundbreaking new products, businesses, and customer experiences.

As the founder and global leader of Digital Labs and lapetitemort.info Design, Hugo has created cutting-edge capabilities that help lapetitemort.info’s clients capture the benefits of disruptive technologies such as machine learning, mobile, and social.

Hugo has helped major companies translate their technology investments into accelerated growth—for instance, by harnessing customer relationship management, multichannel, collaboration, and analytics. He has also supported the large-scale transformation of IT and service factories by implementing lean techniques to deliver superior customer satisfaction at reduced cost.

A frequent author and thought leader, Hugo regularly speaks at industry forums, including Techonomy and the Fortune Global Forum, on a variety of technology disruptions and their impact on business strategies and operations.

Before joining lapetitemort.info, he was a software engineer in the aerospace and robotics industries. Every year, he facilitates a workshop where clients learn to build robots and drones.

Hugo’s not-for-profit work includes support for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the International Institute of Telecom, and USA Water Polo.


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Stanford University
PhD, MSc, smart product design

University of Ottawa

Activities & interests

USA Water Polo
Board adviser