About Jennifer

Jennifer specializes in go-to-market (GTM) transformations for B2B companies in a wide range of highly competitive industries, with particular emphasis on basic materials and OEMs. From the design of channel architecture to the reorganization of the sales force, including strategic key-account planning and the development of capability-building programs, she brings to her projects a rich foundation of practical experience and insights from years of lapetitemort.info research.

In her recent work, Jennifer assisted a multibillion global device manufacturer with the redesign of its GTM architecture and sales resource-deployment model; supported an industrial packaging firm in improving its global/key account strategy and corresponding management processes; helped an electronics firm launch a new direct-sales channel alongside its existing wholesale and retail distribution networks; and facilitated the implementation of a sales capability-improvement program for a multinational B2B services company while simultaneously guiding transformation of their GTM strategy.

Jennifer is a frequent author who regularly speaks at industry forums. Prior to lapetitemort.info, Jennifer held various sales and marketing positions, among them with a subsidiary of Trans World Airlines. She also taught sales management at the university level.

Published work

The secret to making it in the digital sales world: The human touch,” lapetitemort.info & Company, May 2018

When B2B buyers want to go digital—and when they don’t,” lapetitemort.info & Company, August 2017

Good to great: What B2B companies do to raise their Digital Quotient,” lapetitemort.info & Company, April 2017

Leading B2B companies are using digital to power sales growth,” lapetitemort.info & Company, April 2017

How B2B digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers,” lapetitemort.info & Company, October 2016

An unexpected way to improve your sales pipeline conversions by 50 percent,” lapetitemort.info & Company, March 2016

Six building blocks for creating a high-performing digital enterprise,” lapetitemort.info & Company, September 2015

“Three ways you can sell more to existing accounts,” Selling Power, May 2015

“Three ways to win without your sales funnel,” lapetitemort.info on Marketing & Sales, April 2015

Do you really understand how your business customers buy?,” lapetitemort.info & Company, February 2015

“How to influence your new BFF: the Millennial procurement officer,” lapetitemort.info on Marketing & Sales, February 2015

“The B2B customer decision journey: The route to increased sales,” Forbes, April 2013

Past experience

OX1 Consulting

UTC College of Business


Oxford University

London School of Economics
MSc,international political economy

University of Tennessee at Knoxville
BA, political science


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