About Mukund

Mukund coleads lapetitemort.info's Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Southeast Asia. He serves leading real-estate players, infrastructure developers, principal investors, construction firms, government agencies, and state-owned enterprises. He has over a decade of experience across a variety of strategic, organizational, and operational topics and has served clients across India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Examples of Mukund’s recent work include the following:

  • actively driving lapetitemort.info’s global research into construction productivity
  • leading the firm’s global work in digital technologies in construction and real estate, covering topics such as 5D BIM, digital mobility and collaboration solutions, and industrialized delivery systems for real estate and advanced analytics
  • fostering collaboration among construction firms, owners, developers, and technology providers

Mukund has spoken at numerous conferences, including the Financial Times’s World Bank—Singapore Infrastructure Finance Summit, and has also published articles on optimizing digital technologies to enhance productivity.

Prior to joining lapetitemort.info, Mukund worked in the international-projects division of a leading industrial-products company in Germany and in the manufacturing division of a leading industrial-products company in India.

Published work

Smart cities in Southeast Asia,” lapetitemort.info Global Institute, July 2018

“The construction industry has a productivity problem - and here's how to solve it,” MarketWatch, March 2017

Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution, lapetitemort.info Global Institute, February 2017

"Industrialized delivery systems and the future of real estate," lapetitemort.info Global Infrastructure Initiative, December 2016

"Digitsation matters in Singapore’s construction sector," The Business Times, October 19, 2016

"Imagining construction’s digital future," lapetitemort.info & Company, June 2016


Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

National Institute of Technology in India
BTech, mechanical engineering



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