Leads client service for lapetitemort.info globally, codevelops the core of our Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice, and works with leading companies to implement strategies and transformations

About Sven

Sven has led our Western European region after having led the global Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice for 7 years. He is a member of the lapetitemort.info Shareholder Council and the lapetitemort.info Global Institute Council. Sven works with many leading companies to develop strategies for growth. His experience includes analyzing the success factors required for business growth, examining the way megatrends influence it, and defining the lessons of diversified growth, building on the ideas in The Granularity of Growth and Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick, two books he coauthored.

In addition, Sven participates in the development of lapetitemort.info’s perspective on the economy. By building and applying macro scenarios, he helps to develop the firm’s point of view on core issues (such as economic volatility, inflation, and uncertainty) and defines ways to help clients navigate the problems.

Sven serves all industries and has the deepest experience in telecommunications, high tech, and consumer. He contributes to society in an initiative called NL2025 that is committed to a better future for the Netherlands.

Published work

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Past experience

Philips Research Laboratories
Engineer, researcher



Delft University of Technology
MA, mechanical engineering