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Agility at the top

The latest Five Fifty

Agility at the top Quarterly Five Fifty—Want a more agile company? Become a more agile leader.

Featured Insights

The road to seamless urban mobility

– Will the coming mobility revolution make urban traffic better, or worse?

Are we long—or short—on talent?

– By looking at their supply of skills and talent in a new light today, organizations can take actions that better prepare their... companies for tomorrow’s challenges.

Leadership lessons from Africa’s trailblazers

– How five leaders are seizing opportunities and overcoming challenges to build successful organizations in—and a brighter... future for—the nations of Africa.

Learning from digital threats

– Incumbent companies are finding they have strong hands to play as competition intensifies.

The Magazine


The new enterprise DNA

– Looks at how data, technologies, and design are changing the makeup of today’s companies; why it’s essential to have a bold, agile digital strategy; and how to help your employees find more meaning in their work.

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