Energy Insights deliver analytics for informed, effective decisions

In today’s volatile energy industry, it’s vital for companies to leverage data when analyzing the effectiveness of their operations and strategy. However, inaccurate data and lack of expertise can make it difficult to gather, standardize, and analyze reliable data to drive strategic decision-making. Energy Insights solves this problem by providing executives the data they need to make informed, effective decisions about their business.

Our offerings

Market analytics and perspectives

Energy Insights publishes a series of market perspectives that leverage our fully-integrated, proprietary forecasting models. These models also feed into our custom analysis and scenario planning services, allowing energy providers to identify potential growth opportunities and see how changing market conditions will affect their business in the future.

Benchmarking and performance improvement

Our experienced benchmarking team of OFSE experts work with companies to compare their key metrics against the performance of their peers. Based on those insights, we identify the most impactful productivity and performance improvements that energy providers can implement at both the corporate and business unit level.

Energy Insights by the numbers


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proprietary models


sectors across the O&G value chain


Integrated, bottom-up models

Our comprehensive methodologies are built on a foundation of industry expertise, proprietary intelligence, and internal and external data sources. We constantly refine our methods and models to produce the most relevant and valuable reports possible.

Deep industry experience

Our databases of operational and organizational performance metrics are backed by 20 years of industry expertise, as well as’s nearly 100 years of energy consulting. We leverage proven diagnostic and benchmarking tools alongside local knowledge networks to provide companies the insights they need to improve performance.

Flexible delivery

Our team of experts provides actionable insights in order to meet the business challenges unique to each client. We use a combination of technology, workshops, and reports to deliver road maps that help leaders prioritize business innovations.

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