Pricing Solutions

Pricing Solutions

Top-line growth through data-driven price and margin management

For companies in competitive industries like consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, and finance, dynamic pricing is critical. Pricing Solutions helps category managers, pricing managers, and sales managers optimize margins and manage discounting.

We analyze market, sale, and cost data to automate price-setting and embed systemized capabilities into a company’s everyday pricing processes.

Periscope Pricing Solutions

Price Advisor

Optimize price setting across large assortments by simulating the impact of new prices with live data.
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Markdown Advisor

Analyze historical predictions and sales data to assess the effect of past promotions and dynamically adjust markdowns for future clearance periods.
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Promotion Advisor

Determine optimal trade investments and events across brands, calendar weeks, and territories.
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Promotion Offer Advisor

Micro-test promotional offers with real shoppers through a digital platform.
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Deal Advisor

Structure more profitable deals and reduce discount variability by testing how changes to deal specifics will effect long-term profitability.
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Market Vision

Assess your competitive positioning with real-time information on an unlimited number of products and price points.
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Pricing Solutions by the numbers


ROS increase


margin uplift


increase in trade spend effectiveness



Pricing Solutions overview

Pricing Solutions provides companies the analytics, automation, and expert insights they need to optimize pricing and promotions. In this video, Solution Manager Filip Linmans discusses how Pricing Solutions enables consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, and finance managers to formalize and implement effective pricing strategies.



Playing every hand better in the pricing game

– How leading companies are harnessing data science to optimize pricing and boost returns by 2 to 7 percent.

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Periscope Suite

Marketing & Sales


The Periscope Suite includes seven solutions that help businesses optimize all facets of their sales and marketing function, from understanding the landscape to managing categories of products to serving customers.