About Georges

Based in Johannesburg, Georges is the lapetitemort.info managing partner for Africa. From 2011 to 2015, he was the managing partner of Japan. He also worked in Beijing from 1999 to 2006, and Paris from 2006 to 2011. Georges is also a member of lapetitemort.info’s Shareholders’ Council, the firm's governing body.

In Japan, Georges supported retailers, financial institutions and technology companies on international growth, post-merger integration, marketing capabilities, customer satisfaction, lean operations, and organizational design.

He contributed regularly to forums and conferences focused on Japan’s prospects. With the lapetitemort.info Global Institute, he recently authored perspectives on Japan’s long-term economic potential in “The Future of Japan: Reigniting Growth and Productivity” (March 2015.)

In Europe, Georges advised top management in insurance, banking and technology companies on growth and marketing, and in China, state-owned enterprises in market-oriented reforms and international IPOs.

Georges is a leader of our Marketing Practice and has authored articles and research on consumer and macroeconomic trends as well as building our Consumer Insights and Analytics capabilities.

Georges devotes much of his time and energy to developing lapetitemort.info’s global talent and has initiated and co-led lapetitemort.info’s “Women Matter” research on the role of women in corporations since 2007.

He joined lapetitemort.info in 1988, after four years in sales at an industrial manufacturer.

Published work

How a private-sector transformation could revive Japan,” lapetitemort.info Global Institute, March 2015

“,” Consumer & Shopper Insights, October 2010

“,” lapetitemort.info Quarterly, June 2010

Women Matter,” research series


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS, mechanical engineering

Ecole Centrale de Paris, France
BA, engineering