book consultants have always liked to write. In fact, our founder, James O., was not only a business professor and trusted adviser to CEOs but also a prolific author. His first book was Budgetary Control, a seminal work on financial management, published in 1922. Ninety years and over 100 published books later, we’re delighted to announce the publication of three new books by authors.


Digital @ Scale, by Anand Swaminathan and Jürgen Meffert, senior partners in Digital

While everyone today is talking about digital, “few talk about how a digital transformation should be executed across organizations,” says Anand Swaminathan. “[email protected] shows how to create a sense of urgency, what a winning plan is, and how to instill change in your company,” says Jürgen Meffert.

Anand and Jürgen, along with some of the top experts in the field, have put together a playbook for senior leaders embarking on a digital journey. Citing over 50 case studies of both digital and non-digital companies, the book illustrates how to do digital transformations end to end and what the process should look like. For example, a global industrial company changed their entire business model from focusing on products to building out their data and analytics capabilities, and a global financial institution put in place the role of chief digital officer, among other initiatives.

“Organizations, instead, need to come up with entirely new business models to drive new sources of revenue,” adds Jürgen. This could mean changing how the supply chain is managed and how customers are engaged to create an experience that is truly omnichannel.

You can order the book here.


Leading Organizations: Ten Timeless Truths, by Scott Keller and Mary Meaney, senior partners in our Organization Practice

In their new book, Scott Keller and Mary Meaney set out to break through the clutter of buzzwords, hype, and often-contradictory assertions business leaders receive on the topic of how best to manage their organizations. “Many of today’s leaders are addicted to novelty—on the constant search for what’s new,” says Scott. “Too often, though, this quest comes at the expense of putting into practice what’s already proven to be true.”

Scott and Mary bring the best of their over 40 collective years of experience in advising C-suite executives and combine it with learnings from a wide variety of external sources. The result is a one-stop shop for fact-based, insightful, and practical advice on topics such as talent and teamwork, decision making and organization design, and culture and change.

While the topics are timeless, the format of the book is decidedly timely. “Every big idea presented has a Twitter-friendly headline, followed by a short summary of the essentials with a killer infographic,” explains Scott. “We wanted every chapter to bring the same kind of intellectual adrenaline rush that comes from hearing a great TED Talk.”

You can order the book here.


The One Hour China Book (2017 edition), by Jonathan Woetzel, director of Global Institute and senior partner in Shanghai, and Jeffrey Towson, managing partner of Towson Capital and professor at Peking University

Three years after the first edition of The One Hour China Book was published, Jonathan Woetzel and Jeff Towson knew it needed an update. “Three years in China is a really long time,” explains Jonathan. “We wanted to stay relevant in such a fast-changing space.”

For example, since 2014, over 30 million people moved into Chinese cities, $400 billion in overseas acquisitions took place, and 20 million–plus people graduated from Chinese universities. As consumer spending continues to grow faster than GDP, the working Chinese consumer is predicted to make up over a third of global consumption growth until 2030.

“Some trends are moving faster than others,” says Jonathan. “We found the Internet chapter needed an update more than the rest, since this sector, and smartphones in particular, move incredibly fast in China. In fact, it’s the most unpredictable sector.”

You can order the book here.

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