Hurricane Irma: Advice for colleagues

Miami, Miramar and Tampa colleagues,

Thankfully today (Monday) the situation is improving. Irma continues to progress up the coast but it is losing strength and has weakened to tropical storm strength. Although the worst appears to be over, the situation remains very challenging.

Your centers and offices will reach out shortly with guidance. We understand that many of you are in temporary accommodation and are eager to get back to your homes. Where possible, however, please don’t start your journey back to Tampa, Miami or Miramar. Give the emergency services more time to assist those in need and to begin the clean-up. This will make your eventual journey back easier.


  • Research your route carefully with this
  • Stay away from downed power lines
  • Share information about open/closed routes on the WhatsApp Mutual Support Groups

Moving around on foot

  • Wear sturdy shoes. The most common injury following a disaster is cut feet.
  • Don’t try to walk through flooded areas
  • Be aware of hidden & unusual risks such as open manholes hidden under water; wildlife that might have found its way into your neighborhood; downed power lines


  • Respect all curfews
  • For a list of curfews please check
  • For updates, follow your local police departments on Twitter: @MiamiDadePD; @MiramarPD; @TampaPD etc


  • Power is likely to be out for a few days until utilities repair damage
  • Preserve cell phone battery power
  • If you have a generator, never use it indoors
  • Check with your electricity provider on outages and expected recovery periods - homepages and Twitter resources are listed below


  • If you have lost water, you will need to rely on your stockpiled water supplies
  • If you have any doubt about your water quality, check in with your county water company and, if still in doubt, boil it before drinking

Returning to evacuated areas

  • Do not return to an area with an evacuation order until authorities lift the order

Re-entering homes

  • If a building IS still significantly flooded, don’t enter
  • If a building WAS flooded, check for serious damage before entering
  • Use ONLY battery powered lighting. Flammable materials may be present


  • has a detailed guide for first steps after Hurricane Irma
  • The also has a useful guide for after Hurricanes

Keep sharing useful information

  • Use the WhatsApp mutual support groups
  • For those of you with pets, the Red Rover organization has some which you may find useful


  • Airports are expected to start operations in coming days but you should expect long delays
  • Reach out to Global Travel for flight assistance, if necessary
  • Airport homepages are listed in the resources section below 

Support requests

Reach out to the following colleagues if you have questions about your work place:

Please email [email protected] for any support requests.

Take care and be safe. We are thinking of you all.

Irma Response Team

Useful resources

For colleagues who have been impacted by Hurricane Irma we have collated a list of useful sources that you may find useful. This is not conclusive and includes some of those mentioned previously above. If you have other resources, please share with the Irma Response Team or on the Whatsapp groups.

Hurricane Preparedness

Weather and flood warning


  • Florida Division of Emergency Management –
  • Red Rover 


  • Miami-Dade County
  • Official Miami-Dade County
  • Hillsborough Country Emergency Page (currently website is down)
  • Hillsborough County


Utilities & power outages

  • TECO
  • Florida Power & Light
  • (Duke Energy)
  • Progress Energy (Duke Energy)
  • Florida Public Power Utilities


Medical – Doctor on Demand: This is an app-based medical service to which the Firm subscribes. It is a free benefit to colleagues. The Firm pays 100% of the cost to CIGNA.

Register for . When prompted, enter your Cigna ID card information.


  • Concern:EAP – "After a Traumatic Event: What You Can Do" - download  
  • Concern:EAP – "Helping Children Cope with Trauma" - download  
  • Concern:EAP – "Children and Disasters" - download

Other resources

Recovery resources

  • Weather ""
  • FEMA 
  • Red Cross "" guide
  • Red Cross ""
  • Red Cross "" guide