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The best of times, the worst of times: North American asset management

– A broad redistribution of value in North American asset management is creating fundamentally new pools of value and altering competitive dynamics.

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Bringing Basel IV into focus

– How banks can mitigate €120 billion in capital requirements and avoid an ROE haircut.

The new frontier in anti–money laundering

– New analytical tools and surgical automation can help banks take the fight to fraudsters.

Strategy at the stress-testing table for UK banks and beyond

– This spring, the Bank of England announced the Biennial Exploratory Scenario. Here’s a primer to understand key elements... of the stress test and how it can be used for strategic advantage.

How value creation is reshaping the payments industry

– The current wave of consolidation in payments is part of a long period of value creation. Over the past 15 years, ownership of... core payments processing assets has become more diverse, spanning banks, regional processors, and global organizations. We expect the trend of value creation to continue as profits rise further on the basis of strong growth, the adoption of new technology, and increased efficiency.

SME insurance in Australia—a market ripe for change

– The market for providing insurance to small and medium companies is changing quickly, necessitating that providers target customer... segments carefully.

Unlocking the next horizon of growth in the life insurance industry

– The industry’s growth has been flagging—but better serving mass-market and middle-market consumers could add $10 billion... in annual premiums.

Global reinsurance: Fit for the future?

– There are many opportunities for the reinsurance industry to maintain and increase its relevance, as new risks grow in importance... and global macroeconomic conditions become more complex.

The future of customer-led retail-banking distribution

– Customers are leading the way toward next-generation retail-banking distribution strategies.
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Financial globalization hits a more stable, inclusive stride

– After the global financial crisis, a number of countries stepped back from the world stage, choosing to instead focus on domestic... capital while being more selective about foreign investments.

Impact investing finds its place in India

– The country’s market for purpose-driven finance could grow to $6 billion to $8 billion in 2025. What’s shaping the landscape?

Data sharing and open banking

– The potential benefits of open banking include improved customer experience, new revenue streams, and a sustainable service model... for underserved markets.

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