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Defining a health benefits package: More tips for emerging markets

– For countries that want to provide universal health coverage, defining the benefits package can be challenging. An analytical framework provides insights and action steps for emerging economies.

Planning for the future of healthcare—Penny Wheeler, President and CEO, Allina Health

– Penny Wheeler, President and CEO, Allina Health shares her perspective on the importance of partnerships in increasing value and... understanding the consumer with Jenny Cordina, Partner, and Company in an interview conducted in June 2017.

Healthcare consumerism 2018: An update on the journey

–’s latest healthcare consumer research suggests that consumer engagement can improve care access, quality, and affordability.... But to be successful, it requires true collaboration.

Medicaid managed care

– Well-managed partnerships could help states drive change in their Medicaid markets.

Why digital is now crucial for private health insurers in Europe

– A digital transformation can enable private health insurers in Europe to control costs, attract new customers and retain existing... ones, and influence the quality and quantity of delivered care.

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Center for US Health System Reform

Our source on the economics of health, implications of the Affordable Care Act and other health policies related to reform, the Center undertakes original research and develops tools to help navigate in a post-reform era.

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Ten insights on the US opioid crisis from claims data analysis

– Careful analysis of health insurers’ claims data can provide important insights into the opioid crisis by identifying patterns... that could help shape strategies to combat opioid dependence and abuse.

Provider scale strategies: A 2018 update on the evolving landscape

– M&A remains an important option for health systems, but targets and strategies are shifting. While traditional economies of... scale will continue to be a strong stimulus for M&A, providers will likely seek and achieve value creation much differently in the future.

Revisiting the access imperative

– Challenges with access continue to frustrate consumers and stunt health systems’ financial performance. Engaging clinicians... and improving productivity are vital to address this dual issue.

Why the evolving healthcare services and technology market matters

– The healthcare services and technology market is growing rapidly, which creates opportunities, risks, and structural questions... for companies in the sector and those in the broader healthcare value chain.

Chronic disease excellence: “Service line 2.0” for health systems?

– Having a strategy to attract and better serve patients with chronic disease will be critical for health systems to ensure growth... in uncertain times.

Health system financing: Tips for emerging markets

– Many countries with emerging economies are considering health system financing transformation. Five no-regrets tips can help them... build a strong foundation for their future health system.

Extending the use of episode analytics beyond alternative payment models

– Payers (and providers) that have dismissed bundled payments or treated it as a narrow part of their strategies may under-appreciate... the value of episode analytics in improving core business functions.

Spinning customer insights into business gold

– Few healthcare organizations fully leverage customer insights to drive decision making and performance. Here’s how you can translate... that data into concrete business initiatives.

Planning for the future of healthcare—Benjamin Breier, President and CEO, Kindred Healthcare

– Benjamin Breier, President and CEO, Kindred Healthcare shares his perspective on major trends in US healthcare and the value of... an integrated approach with Shubham Singhal, Senior Partner, and Company.

In the healthcare industry, profit pool growth has varied widely over the past five years

– Growth, major changes, and strong value-creation potential make healthcare an exciting industry. At the same time, uncertainty... and complexity make it an unnerving one.

The Medicaid Agency of the Future: What capabilities and leadership will it need?

– Medicaid’s scale and complexity are unprecedented. State Medicaid leaders will need to innovate if they are to develop the capabilities... that will enable them to steer their agencies into the future.
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