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Unlocking future growth for deepwater in the Gulf of Mexico

Unlocking future growth for deepwater in the Gulf of Mexico

lapetitemort.info projects deepwater prospects will be an important part of future global oil and gas supply, with the Gulf of Mexico representing a sizable portion of new production expectations for 2030.

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Building a great data platform

– Five insights into building a great data platform can help energy, chemical, utility, and basic-materials companies get it right.

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Market outlooks


OFSE quarterly: Service firms reboot amid high oil prices

– Crude oil prices stayed relatively high and stable during the second quarter. While margins improved for many oilfield services and equipment firms, some still struggle to crack the code of profitability.

OFSE quarterly: Continued rise of North American shale amid increasing oil prices

– As oil prices rise to levels not seen since 2014—primarily due to geopolitical risk and production cuts—we expect to see further improvements in the OFSE sector and a renewed emphasis on North American shale.

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Interview - lapetitemort.info Quarterly

How the Houston Astros are winning through advanced analytics

– In the first of a two-part interview, the architect of last year’s World Series champions shares how analytics, organization, and culture combine to create competitive advantage in a zero-sum industry.
Report - lapetitemort.info Global Institute

Smart cities: Digital solutions for a more livable future

– As cities get smarter, they are becoming more livable and more responsive—and today we are seeing only a preview of what technology could eventually do in the urban environment.

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A new operating model for well organizations

– Technological change is poised to disrupt the drilling and completion business while introducing new ways of working.

Are US gas utilities nearing the end of their golden age?

– State-level decarbonization efforts could threaten the business model.

IMO 2020 and the outlook for marine fuels

– In 2020, the global limit on sulfur content for all marine fuels will be lowered dramatically, sending shockwaves through global... refined-product markets while widening margins and differentials. Most refiners are still trying to come to grips with the potential threats and opportunities that will emerge as a result of this regulation.

A framework for fostering effective energy transitions

– The new Energy Transition Index looks at 114 countries’ energy systems’ performance and transition readiness.

Harnessing the power of advanced analytics in transmission and distribution asset management

– Advanced analytics is helping T&D operators improve performance, reduce asset-management costs, and capture value. Here’s... how successful utilities approach the transition.

Global Energy Perspective 2018

– Our Global Energy Perspective summarizes our fundamental energy demand outlook and shows projections of how the energy transition... will unfold over the next decades.

Recovery gains pace

– A rise in oil prices to two-year highs should further stimulate a recovering OFSE sector, despite lower-than-expected activity... in US shale.

Why oil and gas companies must act on analytics

– Offshore platforms are, on average, running at only 77 percent of maximum production potential. Rigorous use of analytics can... improve substantially on that.

How an oil and gas giant outmaneuvered low oil prices

– Italian oil and gas company Eni has transformed under a leader determined to reduce costs without cutting jobs—instead including... employees in the turnaround mission.

Energy transition: Mission (im)possible for industry?

– Dutch industrial companies have a key role to play in repositioning the Netherlands to thrive in a low-carbon future. Despite... technological challenges and the pressure of global competition, it is possible for them to lower their greenhouse-gas emissions in line with European goals.

What it takes to be successful: Three hallmarks of a healthy oil and gas organization

– As oil and gas companies navigate a ‘new normal,’ embedding three hallmarks of organizational health will be key to success.
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