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The rise and rise of private equity

– Our annual private markets review showed the market scaling in 2017. The way limited partners and general partners respond to the opportunities that arise will be critical to their success.


Collection on Investing

– The best of our recent research and ideas for investors.

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Will strategic partnerships in private equity become more common?

– Adoption could grow as the benefits of such partnerships for external managers and limited partners become more visible.

How are traditional asset managers looking at private markets?

– With traditional and alternative asset management converging, an era of “coopetition” may be ahead.

Dry powder in private equity

– Is dry powder anything to worry about, and is it a useful metric for the industry? Two experts weigh in.

Is a greater focus on talent needed in the private equity industry?

– As professional management takes hold in private markets, there’s renewed interest in talent issues.

Personal genius and peer pressure: Britt Harris on institutional investing

– A “two way” investor/manager reflects on the “Texas Way,” forging relationships with asset managers, and... finding your genius.

Cashing in on the US experience economy

– The time may be right for private equity to reach for experiences.

Analyzing start-up and investment trends in the mobility ecosystem

– How can companies identify—and source—the technologies that will be critical for crafting a strategy to keep up in the shifting... automotive landscape?

From ‘why’ to ‘why not’: Sustainable investing as the new normal

– More institutional investors recognize environmental, social, and governance factors as drivers of value. The key to investing... effectively is to integrate these factors across the investment process.

Impact investing finds its place in India

– The country’s market for purpose-driven finance could grow to $6 billion to $8 billion in 2025. What’s shaping the landscape?

Why investors are flooding private markets

– As investors and asset managers shift away from weakened public markets, private markets are seeing immense growth, which, in... turn, is changing the very definition of “performance.”

Investing in the growing sleep-health economy

– Consumers looking to rest easy could give rise to new opportunities in private equity.

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