Mobile World Congress 2018

Barcelona, 26 February to 1 March 2018

A time for bold decisions: The convergence of market pressures and new technologies creates an opportunity for telecom companies to redefine themselves.

Growing competition from global tech giants, shifting sources of competitive advantage, and falling returns on invested capital increase the pressure on telecom operators. At the same time, machine learning, digitization, and artificial intelligence offer the ability to dramatically alter the operator cost structure, redefine the customer experience, and transform what it means to be a mobile operator.

Insights from Mobile World Congress

Telco’s moment of reinvention Senior Partner Philipp Nattermann discusses the need and opportunity for telcos to reinvent.

The environment that enables digital transformation

Stephen Creasy, partner at, discusses how companies are changing the way in which they work to transform the customer journey and back-end operations.

The use cases that will define 5G

Ferry Grijpink, Senior Partner, examines the potential use cases that will drive usage of 5G technology.

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