Recovery & Transformation Services

In a competitive environment, where top-line pressure and the need to re-invest creates challenging economics, transformation is more critical than ever for TMT companies.

Robust organizational health, instilling a change mind-set and culture, strong performance management, and the setting of truly ambitious goals are the hallmarks of successful transformational change. We transform mind-sets to help companies deliver peak performance. Our experienced recovery & transformation services (RTS) executives and our rigorous tools and methodologies help leaders turn good companies into great ones.

How we help our clients


Tracks initiatives, milestones, and impact in transformations through a program management platform.

Organizational Health Index

Put hard numbers and improvement actions on your organization’s health

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David Pralong

Senior Partner, Auckland
Trusted by clients across industries and geographies for his expertise in corporate transformations and portfolio restructuring

Jon Garcia

Senior Partner and President RTS, Washington DC
Founder of’s RTS unit. Leads large-scale, high-profile transformations and turnarounds across industries and geographies

Jay Jubas

Senior Partner, Stamford
Collaborates with incumbent providers and alliances on winning strategies, and pricing and operations improvements

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