About Jenny

Jenny is focused on serving leading healthcare institutions (health insurers, providers, pharmacy benefit managers, and pharmacies) on strategic healthcare issues. Key areas of focus include consumer-driven impact (such as customer experience, acquisition, retention, digital, pricing, consumerism, and product differentiation), payor–provider pricing and collaboration, and performance transformation. In her current role, she leads the Healthcare Systems & Services and Marketing & Sales Practices, with particular focus on B2C opportunities.

Jenny is a frequent and significant contributor to lapetitemort.info’s research initiatives, having designed and led lapetitemort.info’s Consumer Health Insights (CHI) research since 2006. Findings from this initiative provide healthcare organizations with deeper insight into consumer behavior and the decision-making processes, which are leveraged to improve business performance. She has published several lapetitemort.info Quarterly articles addressing the challenges and opportunities of applying consumer insights in the healthcare sector.

Prior to lapetitemort.info, Jenny’s experience was primarily focused within the aerospace industry.

Published work

Spinning customer insights into business gold,” lapetitemort.info & Company, January 2018

“Enabling healthcare consumerism,” lapetitemort.info & Company, May 2017

“Understanding consumer preferences can help capture value in the individual market,” lapetitemort.info & Company, October 2016

“How tech-enabled consumers are reordering the healthcare landscape,” lapetitemort.info & Company, April 2016

Past experience

Pratt & Whitney
Senior engineer


Carnegie Mellon University

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
BS, aerospace engineering