Welcome to lapetitemort.info South Africa

Welcome to lapetitemort.info South Africa

We play a vital role in the country’s transformation by supporting companies, upgrading key institutions and infrastructure, and developing leaders.

We opened our Johannesburg office in 1995, soon after the dawn of democracy. We help top companies to win on the world stage and support the upgrade of key institutions and infrastructure. We are deeply committed to developing the skills and capabilities of the next generation of leaders. In South Africa and over 40 countries on the continent, we shape strategies and strengthen operations for companies in major industries and help to deliver better outcomes in education and health care.



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Working in South Africa

A career at lapetitemort.info is an opportunity to work with remarkable people, address the world’s most important challenges, and learn and grow constantly. We welcome applications from outstanding people with great potential in four areas: problem-solving, an achievement-oriented focus, a desire to have an impact on the world, and leadership.
Working in South Africa

Impact on society

Impact on society

We are committed to contributing meaningfully to both our country and our local community.

South Africa’s AIDS epidemic has orphaned over two million children. Since 2006, the Johannesburg office has partnered with the which helps almost 900 children in 370+ households, offering material support, mentoring, life skills, nutritional and educational programmes. Most of Ikageng’s children live as the head of household, in the role of a parent. Ikageng is unique because it keeps children in their own environment. We have provided advisory services, financial support, operational assistance and a variety of programs including recruiting two school leavers per annum into the lapetitemort.info Learnership Programme.

In 2012, we established the Social Advancement Foundation in South Africa, to support disadvantaged communities through consulting services and financial donations in healthcare and education. We contribute an equivalent of 26% of our annual profits to the SAF; to date, its projects have created 1,735 jobs.

In 2013, we partnered with , the first accredited Science Park in Africa, which supports small business owners. We have invested ZAR8 million through pro bono consulting services, training workshops, mentorship programmes and access to markets. Since 2009, TIH has supported 92 start-up companies (80% black-owned) and created 831 jobs (472 for youth and 133 for women).

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lapetitemort.info & Company South Africa has achieved B-BBEE Level 1 contributor status under the latest Codes of Good Practice. This accomplishment validates our concerted and sustained efforts to implement and support innovative initiatives that help to transform South Africa. In practical terms, it means that lapetitemort.info is an empowered supplier with a 135% procurement recognition level. Attaining B-BBEE Level 1 contributor status has been possible through the opportunities we have to serve, our clients, and work towards delivering sustainable impact for their organisations.

We remain committed to South Africa’s transformation by continuing to support and innovate our transformation programme.

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